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ASTM-Lane.jpgJandie Lane, Brand Strategy Group

Jandie Lane, Brand Strategy Group, is a former Procter & Gamble (P&G) executive of 25 years. Through her background in psychology and coaching experience, combined with years of consumer research, she became keenly aware that the key to understanding behavior lies beneath the surface. From work teams to consumer groups, the key to understanding behavior, motivation and habit adoption lies in the subconscious. For example, one of her last projects with P&G was the hugely successful Thank You Mom Campaign for the 2012 Olympic Game Sponsorship, for which she led her team to leverage the subconscious motivations and beliefs that cross cultures.

She now coaches companies, teams and individuals in innovation, branding and creative problem solving strategies, leveraging insights from empathy training, behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Her recent experience ranges from interim CMO to helping companies enter new markets, launch new initiatives, re-branding, influencer & credentialing strategies.

Expertise in:

​Innovation Strategies ​Brand & Corporate Purpose Branding/Marketing Strategies​
​Front End of Innovation ​Equity, Position & Architecture ​Shopper Mktg/Retail Strategies
​Global Brand Strategies ​Disruptive Innovation ​Moderating /Consumer Connect
​Design Thinking Innovation ​Story Telling ​Consumer Journey, Purchase Path
​New Market Entries ​Leadership Training ​Trial & Consumption Expansion
​Targeting Strategies ​Empathy Training ​CRM & Social Media Strategies
​Ethnographic & Deep Insight Development ​High Functioning Team Development ​Leveraging Archetypes, Deep Metaphors

Category Experience: Corporate Branding, Baby Care, Coffee, Health Care, Patient Care, Beverages, Snacks, Beauty, Skin & Hair Care, Laundry, Paper, Pet Care, Household Cleaning, Batteries, Shave Care, Oral Care, Insect Repellents, Branded Entertainment, etc.

Targeting Experience: Moms, Life-Stage, Teens & Children, Young Adult, Men, Multi-Cultural, Gamers, Natural/Eco-friendly Consumers, Low Income & High income segments, Beauty Enthusiasts, Scent Enthusiasts, Culinary Enthusiasts, Extreme Users.

Jandie Lane, Brand Strategy Group

BrandStrat.pngCreating WHAT'S NEXT Strategies: Innovation, Branding & Marketing Strategies
Insights: Human-Consumer-Shopper
A behavioral psychology and neuroscience approach to innovation and creative problem solving