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Nominate a fellow SSP member or indicate your own interest in serving on the SSP Executive Committee! SSP is seeking individuals with leadership experience and a background of service to the society who are respected in the field of sensory science and have a vision for SSP. Nominations are accepted through April 30, 2024.

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​​​T​he 2022 SSP Conference!

The 2022 SSP Conference was a success!

​Thank you to our ​opening session speakers, Carmen Bryant and Joni Goodman, and Closing Keynote speaker, ​Michael Useem.

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors​ for their support!

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2024 SSP Conference

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​Save the date to join us October 2 - 4 for our upcoming conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 2.5 days of sensory programming, interactive workshops, groundbreaking research, and engaging networking ti​me! Registration opens in June, so stay tuned for more information.​​

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Careers in Panel Leading: Now Available On-Demand!

Watch the thought-provoking discussion on the value of sensory panels and how to energize and engage the next generation of sensory scientists.

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Development of new frozen food products: The effects of product attributes and marketing factors on sales of frozen cooked rice and dumplings

Nayeong Kim, Hailey Hayeon Joo, Brian Hong Sok Kim, Junghoon Moon

Effect of water type and proofing method on the perceived taste/mouthfeel properties of distilled spirits

Zhuzhu Wang, Keith R. Cadwallader

Exploring the potential of the Vanilla species from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Sensory description and consumer acceptance

Juliana Lacôrte Franco, Ellen Mayra Menezes Ayres, Denize de Oliveira, Inayara Beatriz Araujo Martins, Andrea Furtado Macedo, Rosires Deliza, Maria Gabriela Bello Koblitz

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