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In Memory of Beverley Kroll

Beverley Kroll was a pioneer in our field and a longtime supporter of sensory and SSP as an organization.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Beverley Kroll. Bev co-founded Peryam & Kroll Research in 1957 and was among the first to apply sensory and consumer testing methods to new product development. In the days when women executives were rare, Bev’s business acumen helped establish P&K Research as a leader in the field of sensory and market research, contributing to the new product successes of many of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. Bev devoted time and her company’s resources to fostering sensory and consumer science. P&K Research was a Founding Sponsor of the Society of Sensory Professionals and is one of its Lifetime Patrons. In her honor, SSP bestows the award for Outstanding Presentation that Develops or Expands a Method to a student at its biyearly conference. In 1995, Bev helped establish the David R. Peryam Award, granted by ASTM International Committee E18, which recognizes outstanding professionals in the applied sensory science field. Throughout her life, Bev was active in Chicago-area community organizations and a generous contributor to charitable causes, extending her legacy.
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