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​​​​​​Career in Panel Leading​ | SSP Workshop​

Broadcast Date: January 27, 2023 |12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central

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Workshop Summary​

Panel leading needs a facelift! A mindset shifts away from the perception that panel leading is a dead-end career choice or an easy job for junior staff members or existing panelists to take on. 

Panel leading is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in sensory science. Being both a scientist and an artist, the sensory panel leader creatively marries systematic empirical methods with empathetic skills and handles interpersonal relationships professionally and compassionately. The panel leader personifies leadership, artfully leveraging the heightened sensory experience of unique individuals into aligned, cohesive, meaningful results. As well as a scientific understanding of research designs, sensory methods, psychology, and statistics. 

​This workshop will involve leaders in the field of sensory discussing their backgrounds and experience and the instrumental role that panel leading has played in their careers. A thought-provoking discussion on the value of sensory panels and how to energize and engage the next generation of sensory scientists.

Learning Objectives​

  • Give insights into panel leading as a sustainable career
  • Shed light on the skills you develop as a panel leader that are directly transferable to the leadership skills needed for managing teams and the projects they are working on​​


Beth Logan – ​Global Head of Panel Leader Academy – MMR
Isabelle Lesschaeve – Global Head of Sensory Science – Kerry 
Laure Blauvelt – Principal, Winestyle & Product Guidance – EJ Gallo
Bryson Bolton – Director of Strategic Growth – Compusense 

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