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Sensometrics 2024

Sensometrics is the oldest conference in the sensory and consumer research domain with now its 17th edition.

At the Sensometrics Conference, we provide a dynamic environment for sharing and exchanging the latest scientific breakthroughs in the field. Our program features renowned keynote speakers, engaging oral and poster presentations, and interactive workshops. By showcasing cutting-edge research, we aim to foster innovation and facilitate the advancement of sensometrics as a discipline.

Location: Paris
Date: 6/3/2024 - 6/6/2024
Sponsoring Organization: The Sensometric Society
Target Audience:
Cost: 200€ student; 400€ academic; 600€ industry
Further Information: Here the link of the Sensometrics 2024 conference

2024 SSP Conference​

Save the Date for the 2024 SSP Conference!
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date: 10/2/2024 - 10/4/2024
Sponsoring Organization: Society of Sensory Professionals
Target Audience:
Cost: See registration page for info and special pricing discounts!
Further Information: Learn more about this conference: