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10th European Organic Chemistry Congress

We would like to invite you to participate Organic Chemistry 2019 is an international platform to debate and learn about new compounds and its structures, bonding, reactivity in field of chemistry and in organometallic chemistry, organic chemical science, biogeochemistry, marine chemical science, petroleum chemical science, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, advancements in the fields of modern experimental chemistry, modern analytical chemistry, modern theoretical chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, flow chemistry, green chemistry, microwave chemistry, spectroscopy, new synthetic ways and advances in catalysis.

Chemistry Conferences: In the light of this theme, the conference series aims to supply a forum for international researchers from varied areas of chemistry, pharmacy, chemical biology, materials science and chemical engineering by providing a platform for appraisal of recent data, and to share latest cutting-edge analysis findings and results regarding all aspects of chemistry. The meetings are going to be a multidisciplinary gathering to present major areas like organometallic, medicinal chemistry, chemical compound chemistry and overall applications.

The forecast for R&D growth in the chemical and advanced materials trade reflects international economy, key markets and the trade serves. U.S. R&D spending in chemicals and advanced materials is forecast to grow by 3.6% to succeed in $12 billion in 2014. Overall international R&D is forecast to grow at a rather higher 4.7% rate to $45 billion in 2014.The R&D activities within the chemical and advanced materials trade reflects enhancements within the U.S. and international economy and therefore the role this trade plays in support of alternative demand-driven industries. We forecast U.S. chemical and advanced materials R&D to extend by 3.6% in 2014 reaching $12.2 billion. Worldwide R&D is anticipated to extend by 4.7% to $45.3 billion.
John Walker
Location: Rome, ITALY
Date: 3/21/2019 - 3/22/2019
Sponsoring Organization: Conference Series llc Limited
Target Audience: Advanced
Cost: $699
Further Information: Discounts available for group registrations

ADVERTISING CLAIMS SUPPORT: Case Histories and Principles

Comparative advertising improves sales. How do you support your advertising claims and how do you address false claims or challenges made by your competitors? Claims support is a critical business focus for many companies in categories with aggressive competitors.
The purpose of this 3-day course is to present principles involved in testing product performance and surveys to access advertising messages. This knowledge base is necessary in order to provide solid evidentiary support needed in the event of a claims dispute.
The course speakers have decades of experience as instructors, scientific experts, jurors, and litigators in addressing claims with significant survey and product testing components.  National Advertising Division and litigated cases will be used to examine and reinforce the information discussed. (Approximately 12 CLE credits and 15CH for Certified Food Scientists can be claimed for attendance of this course.)
The course is taught by: Dr. Daniel Ennis, Dr. Benoit Rousseau, and Dr. John Ennis
Invited speakers Include:
• Lauren Aronson - Crowell & Moring
• Christopher A. Cole - Crowell & Moring
• Hal Hodes - NAD
• Alexander Kaplan - Proskauer Rose
• Cynthia E. Kinser - Tennessee Attorney General’s Office (retired)
• Robyn Lewis – NAD
• David G. Mallen - Loeb & Loeb
• Annie Ugurlayan – NAD

Course information and online registration: or call +1-804-675-2980.
Location: The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, USA, USA
Date: 4/9/2019 - 4/11/2019
Sponsoring Organization: The Institute for Perception
Target Audience: Intermediate
Cost: $1975; 20% discount applied to each additional registrant from the same company when registered at the same time. Academic discount available. For the multiple registration discount, please contact Susan Longest at
Further Information:

12th European Biosimilars Congress

 12th European Biosimilars Congress 2019 Organizing Committee invites you to attend the largest assemblage of biologics and biosimilars researchers from around the globe during April 15-16, 2019 at Berlin, Germany.
European Biosimilars Congress is a global annual event. This Biosimilars Congress 2019 brings together scientists, researchers, business development managers, CEOs, directors, IP Attorneys, Regulatory Officials and CROs from around the world. The passage of Biosimilars through a decade at Asia finds much requirement for discussion also focusing the Current Challenges in Developing Biosimilars.
• Current Challenges in Developing Biosimilars
• Chemical and Analytical Strategies for Biosimilars
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Biological Medicine
• Emerging Biosimilars in Therapeutics
• Innovative Clinical Approach in Biosimilars
• Regulatory Updates on Biosimilars
• Biosimilars Development in Markets
• Biosimilars Approval to Biogenerics in Clinical Practice
• Biopharmaceutical Informatics
• Consequences of Brexit on Biosimilars
• BCS and IVIVC Based Biowaivers
• Biosimilars Market and Cost Analysis
• Challenges in Biosimilars Pharmacovigilance
• Legal Issues and BPCI Act
• Formulation Strategies for Follow-on Biologics
• Current Agency Expectations for Approval for Biosimilars
• Biosimilars Research Pipeline
• Globalization of Biosimilars
• Drug Delivery and Development
• Monoclonal Antibody Biosimilars
• USFDA Approved Biosimilars

Happily invite attendees from Chief Executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders and Managers specialising in:
Biologics/Biotechnology/ Biogenerics, Legal Affairs, Pricing and Reimbursement, Regulatory Compliance, Preclinical and Clinical Development, Quality Affairs/ Quality Control, Biopharmaceuticals, Intellectual property, Clinical Immunology, R&D, New Product Development and Pharmacovigilance
From Industries Including:
Clinical Immunology, Immunology, Drug Safety, Preclinical Development, Therapeutic Areas, Business Development, Vaccines Development, Scientific Affairs, Validation, Analytical Characterization, Antibody Discovery, Oncology, Infection and Immunity, Risk Management, Clinical Program, Personalized Medicine, Portfolio Planning, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Global Strategy and Antibody Engineering
Website Link:
Abstract Submission Link:
Registration link: 
Contact Details:
John Hill
Program Manager | Euro Biosimilars 2019
47 Churchfield Road, London, W3 6AY
Toll Free: +448000148923 
Location: Berlin, GERMANY
Date: 4/15/2019 - 4/16/2019
Sponsoring Organization:
Target Audience: Beginner
Cost: $699
Further Information: 12th European Biosimilars Congress
April 15-16, 2019 Berlin, Germany
Theme: The Developmental Strategies and Uptake of Biosimilars through a Decade in Europe

Sensory and Consumer Testing in Quality Assurance and Product Development

In this new course, we will link techniques from quality assurance – control charts, action standards, and quality function deployment (QFD) – with sensory methodology and Drivers of Liking®.

Consumers’ liking or satisfaction with products can be unfolded to sensory characteristics that are important to them. This information can then feed into a QFD process to ensure product quality.

While reviewing basic sensory testing methodologies involving difference testing, ratings and hedonics, we will address two practical problems, an ingredient change and the development of a new product to appeal to a segment of consumers with an unmet need.

The course is cast in the context of a cookie company with staff similar to the participants. This means that the learning will resonate immediately and can be easily incorporated into the participants’ normal projects.

The course is taught by Dr. Daniel Ennis and Dr. Benoit Rousseau with invited speakers:
• Dr. Karen Garcia - Symrise
• Frank Rossi - PepsiCo/Frito-Lay
Location: The Williamsburg Lodge, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Date: 5/7/2019 - 5/9/2019
Sponsoring Organization: The Institute for Perception
Target Audience: Beginner
Cost: EARLY BIRD is $1875, after March 29th fee is $1975
Further Information: 20% discount applied to each additional registrant from the same company when registered at the same time. Academic discount available. Further Information:

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products Chemistry and Medicinal Plants Research

Natural Products Conference 2019  invites all the participants across the globe to attend the ‘’6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products Chemistry and Medicinal Plants Research” Medicinal Plants and Natural Products conveys recent discoveries and developments in Natural Drugs discovery and natural produced drugs. A complete knowledge of a scientific discipline that described the Marine drug discovery and development and Medicinal Plants and Natural Products now explores the use of Natural products in industry as well as healthcare.
Medicinal Plants and Natural Products 2019 is the chemistry of natural compounds is relatively unexplored and represents a vast resource for new medicines to combat major diseases such as cancer, AIDS or malaria. Research typically focuses on sessile organisms or slow moving animals because of their inherent need for chemical defenses. Standard research involves an extraction of the organism in a suitable solvent followed by either an assay of this crude extract for a particular disease target or a rationally guided isolation of new chemical compounds using standard chromatography techniques. 
Moreover, it is likely that for every compound that does make it to the market, a better drug with distinct Medicinal chemistry, improved bioavailability and less unwanted side effects can be found either in chemical libraries or among the much larger number and diversity of natural products.
In recent years, marine natural product bioprospecting has yielded a considerable number of drug candidates. Most of these molecules are still in preclinical or early clinical development but some are already on the market, such as cytarabine, or are predicted to be approved soon, such as ET743 (YondelisTM). Research into the ecology of marine natural products has shown that many of these compounds function as chemical weapons and have evolved into highly potent inhibitors of physiological processes in the prey, predators or competitors of the marine organisms that use them. Some of the natural products isolated from Medicinal Plants have been shown to be, or are suspected to be, of microbial origin and this is now thought to be the case for the majority of such molecules. Marine microorganisms, whose immense genetic and biochemical diversity is only beginning to be appreciated, look likely to become a rich source of novel chemical entities for the discovery of more effective drugs.

Location: vienna , Austria, UNITED KINGDOM
Date: 6/24/2019 - 6/25/2019
Sponsoring Organization: confernceseries
Target Audience: Advanced
Cost: $499
Further Information:

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