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​​Social Media Kit​​

These recommendations pr​​ovide tools to help members, speakers, and society leaders successfully share industry information, society news​, and professional achievements with your personal connections and the wider SSP social network.

Check out our social media post templates for best practices!

1. Join/follow the official SSP accounts on all of the social media platforms you use:

2. Keep your posts within the maximum character count of each social media platform (these include the quantity of all letters, spaces, and symbols):

  • X (Twitter): 280 Characters
  • LinkedIn: 3,000 Characters
  • Facebook: 63,206 Characters

3. Use our main hashtag #SensorySociety and any of the below SSP hashtags that relate to the content in your post.

  • Biennial Conference: #SensoryXXXX (Ex: Sensory20​24)

4. When you post relevant research, professional endeavors in the field, or wider industry information, use the hashtag #SensorySociety and tag SSP​ to share it with our community:

  • X (Twitter) group: @SensoryPros​
  • LinkedIn: type "@Society of Sensory Professionals" and choose our name when it pops up​​
  • Facebook: type "@SocietyofSensoryProfessionals" and choose the group from the drop-down

5. Like and share/retweet content from official SSP pages to your personal pages/accounts to amplify the message.

  • Comment on and reply to posts and responses
  • Link directly to the website URL of any ISSP source information (meeting, workshop, landing page content, etc.)
  • Consider using to shorten long links

6. Contact for social media assistance at any time.

Social Media Post Templates

A full social media kit with graphics and templates for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and presenters will be available for the 2024 SSP Conference shortly. 

Social Media Post Examples

The following social media posts are good examples of the above recommendations in practice.