SSP Awards​​​

Student Evergreen Awards

Student oral and poster presenters are eligible for one of these three SSP Evergreen Awards. These awards are presented during the SSP Conference.

Award for Outstanding Presentation on Use of Scientific Principles

Honoring Jean F. Caul
Donor: The Wolf Group

Jean Caul's role in sensory evaluation is inestimable. ASTM Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation named Jean a "Pioneer" of the field and awarded her one of the first Peryam Awards. She wrote and published the first definitive article on descriptive sensory analysis—the flavor profile method, which served as a foundation for a myriad of descriptive methods. Her advocacy of descriptive sensory analysis, her early use of consumer testing, and, along with other pioneers, her absolute commitment to the use of near perfection in the application of good scientific principles in planning, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting data from sensory studies set the standard for test execution that allows sensory analysis to be a respected research tool.


2020: Brittany Miles 

2018: Sara Burns 

2016: Will Harwood 

2014: Nadia Byrnes 

2012: Bangde Li 

2010: Dominique Sinopoli 

2008: Michael Nestrud

Award for Outstanding Presentation that Develops or Expands a Method

Honoring Beverley Kroll
Donor: P&K Research

Beverley J. Kroll is chairman of the board of Peryam & Kroll Research, a company she cofounded some fifty years ago with another pioneer in the field of sensory research, Dr. David R. Peryam. Bev is a recognized expert in the application of consumer research methods to product development and has contributed to the new product successes of many of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. Among Bev’s writings are some of the earliest papers and published reports on sensory testing and the use of the 9-point hedonic scale (developed by Dr. Peryam). She also is recognized for her development of a hedonic scale for children. Her business leadership has enabled the application of research methods to industry and thereby laid the groundwork for today’s science and practice of sensory consumer testing.


2020: Thadeus Beekman

2018: Weilun Tsai 

2016: Rebecca Liu 

2014: Sara Carlisle 

2012: Alissa Allen 

2010: Thierry Worch 

2008: Carrita Hightower


Award for Outstanding Presentation on an Applied Topic

Honoring Elaine Skinner
Donor: Sensory Spectrum, Inc.

Elaine Zlobick Skinner pioneered strategic sensory influence in a business environment and developed a strong business sensory model at General Foods. During her almost 40 years at General Foods she brought strong analytical and business skills to R&D, marketing, and operations projects that needed sensory input. Elaine's characteristic openness to new ideas, new methods, different approaches, and rational arguments made her a valuable team member across the company. However, Elaine's greatest asset was her mentoring skills, which created a rich environment for growth for the sensory scientists, psychophysicists, and statisticians that worked for her. Her legacy is the concept of strong sensory scientists as part of strategic teams in business providing insights on product evaluation and consumer research.


2020: Min Sung Kim

2018: Mackenzie Hannum 

2016: Megan Parker

2014: Karolina Sanchez 

2012: Cecile Bavay 

2010: Lydia Rice 

2008: Tristin Brisbois Clarkson