The SSP Conference would not be possible without the hard work of sponsors, volunteers, and SSP committees. Below is a list of volunteers who have already contributed their time and expertise to making the SSP Conference a success.

2016 Conference Chair

Natalie Stoer, General Mills, Inc.

2016 Conference Committee

Lisa Beck, Insight Factory LLC
Christine Caruso, Sensory Spectrum, Inc.
John Castura, Compusense Inc.
Gail Vance Civille, Sensory Spectrum, Inc.
Lauren Collinsworth, The Clorox Company
Darla Hall, Research Vibe, LLC
Lydia Lawless, The Hershey Company
Jason Newlon, The Procter & Gamble Company
Suzanne Pecore, P & D Consulting LLC
Robert Pellegrino, University of Arkansas
Stella Salisu, Belle-Aire Creations
Kristine Wilke, The Kellogg Company
Alexa Williams, PepsiCo 

Scientific Committee

Lydia Lawless (chair), The Hershey Company
Dawn Chapman, Covance Food Solutions
Lauren Dooley, The Kellogg Company
Laura Jefferies, Brigham Young University
Juyun Lim, Oregon State University
Michael Nestrud,Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.

Exhibit Sales

Christine Caruso (co-chair), Sensory Spectrum, Inc.
Gail Vance Civille (co-chair), Sensory Spectrum, Inc.

Sponsorship Committee

Lisa Beck (co-chair), Insight Factory LLC
Stella Salisu (co-chair), Belle-Aire Creations

SSP Connectors Program

Alisa Doan, Kellogg Company
Sarah Kirkmeyer, Givaudan Flavors Corp.
Curtis Luckett, The University of Tennessee
Marnie Paumier, The J.M. Smucker Company
Suzanne Pecore, P & D Consulting, LLC
Bob Pellegrino, University of Arkansas

SSP/ASTM Workshop Committee

Darla Hall (chair), Research Vibe, LLC
Donya Germain, Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc.
Carrita Hightower, The Procter and Gamble Company

SSP/Sensometics Workshop Committee

John Castura (chair), Compusense Inc
Gastón Ares, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Anne Hasted, Qi Statistics Ltd., UK
Jean A. McEwan, Jean A. McEwan Consulting Ltd., UK
Valérie Mialon, MMR Research Worldwide, USA

Student Events Committee

Robert Pellegrino (chair), University of Arkansas
Suzanne Pecore, P & D Consulting LLC
Natalie Stoer, General Mills, Inc.

Society of Sensory Professionals Chair

Jason Newlon, The Procter & Gamble Company

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