2014 Exhibitors

  1. Focus Pointe Global
  2. Marketing Systems Group
  3. EyeQuestion by Logic8
  4. HCD Research
  5. Blueberry Marketing Research & The Institute for Sensory Research
  6. Compusense Inc.
  7. Fizz & PentaSensorial
  8. RedJade Powered by Tragon
  9. MMR Research Worldwide
  10. Opinions, Ltd.
  11. SIMS Sensory Panel Software by Sensory Computer Systems
  12. L&E Research
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5. Blueberry Marketing Research & The Institute for Sensory Research, 1600 Manor Drive, Chalfont, PA 18914 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.267.954.0440; Fax: +1.267.954.0441; Web: www.blue-berry.com; Email: info@blue-berry.com. Blueberry provides marketing and sensory research for the product pipeline, crafting quantitative and qualitative research to guide innovation pipeline projects from concept/prototype through commercialization. Our research insights support progressive growth of new and existing product lines by leveraging our expertise in the consumer product lifecycle and traditional and breakthrough methodologies.

6. Compusense Inc., 255 Speedvale Avenue West, Guelph, ON N1H 1C5 Canada; Telephone: 1.800.367.6666 or +1.519.836.9993; Web: www.compusense.com; Email: info@compusense.com; Twitter: @compusense. A leader in sensory and consumer research since 1986, Compusense's software and services guide top companies from various industries towards informed decisions. From product development to quality control, our experience and skills achieve exceptional outcomes. Backed by sound research, our award-winning support keeps clients at the forefront of best practices.

3. EyeQuestion by Logic8, Nieuwe Aamsestraat 84C, Elst 6662 NK, Netherlands; Telephone: +31.0.481.350.370. Logic8 BV has developed the EyeQuestion suite, one of the leading software applications for sensory and consumer research. Panel management, multi-channel data collection, and powerful analysis and reporting tools, EyeQuestion is server-based and unique in its flexibility and user-friendliness. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand.

7. Fizz & PentaSensorial, Santa Catalina 313, Del Valle, México, DF 03100 Mexico; Telephone: 5255.55751666; Fax: 5255.55755784; Web: www.pentasensorial.com.mx; Email: info@pentasensorial.com.mx; Facebook: www.facebook.com/PentaFace. PentaSensorial distributes FIZZ software throughout the American Continent. FIZZ software answers sensory and consumer testing needs relative to test design, panel management, and automation of data collection (screen or paper forms), as well as in statistical analyses. Over 900 FIZZ licenses are used in industry and academia worldwide.

1. Focus Pointe Global, 100 Penn Square East, Suite 1200, Philadelphia, PA 19107 U.S.A.: Telephone: +1.215.561.5500 or 1.888.873.6287; Fax: +1.215.561.7403; Web: www.focuspointeglobal.com; Email: onecall@focuspointeglobal.com. Focus Pointe Global (FPG) provides high-quality qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection services to research practitioners across the United States. FPG owns and operates focus group facilities in 18 cities and recruits a vast array of existing and emerging demographics, including consumers, healthcare professionals, patients, and children.

4. HCD Research, 260 Highway 202/31 N. Liberty Court, Suite 1000, Flemington, NJ 08822 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.908.483.9133 or +1.908.788.9393; Fax: +1.908.788.7179, Web: www.hcdi.net; Email: Marcella.Markman@hcdi.net. HCD Research is a traditional research house that integrates the most effective marketing research tools in order to support the creation of a sensory experience. By using psychophysiological tools (neuroscience), our team of research professionals, neuroscientists, and experts in sensory sciences identify both the conscious and subconscious experience with products.

12. L&E Research, 5505 Creedmoor Rd., Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27612 U.S.A.; Telephone: 1.877.344.1574; Web: www.leresearch.com; Email: bidrequest@leresearch.com; Facebook: www.facebook.com/LEresearch.raleigh; Twitter: twitter.com/LEresearch. L&E Research is Impulse Survey top-rated and GreenBook Health certified, with offices in Raleigh, Tampa, Charlotte, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Our clients know they can expect impeccable service from project planning through recruiting and execution. Our professional team of market research consultants provides daily updates and accurate, on-time recruiting.

2. Marketing Systems Group, 755 Business Center Drive, Suite 200, Horsham, PA 19044 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.215.653.7100; Fax: +1.215.653.7115; Web: www.m-s-g.com; Email: tantoniewicz@m-s-g.com. ARCS® is an all-in-one tool designed to fully manage sensory or qualitative recruiting and market research data collection. You control all of the data in your panelist database. From advanced organizing and categorizing, automated panelist updating and contact, to providing real-time snapshots of project progress, ARCS is the solution.

9. MMR Research Worldwide, 303 South Broadway, Suite 125, Tarrytown, NY 10591 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.914.333.0330; Web: www.mmr-research.com; Email: c.marketo@mmr-research.com; Twitter: @mmr_research. To optimize products, a precise understanding of sensory characteristics and what they mean to consumers emotionally and functionally is critical to long-term in-market success. At MMR RW, we partner with our clients to maximize their product learning and strategic options for products on a global basis.

10. Opinions, Ltd., 33 River Street, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.440.893.0300; Fax: +1.440.893.9333; Web: www.opinionsltd.com; Email: mark@opinionsltd.com. Opinions, Ltd., partners with you for all of your market research needs! From qualitative to quantitative, we have the expertise to make your project come out on top. Specializing in on-location interviewing, mall intercepts, CLTs, and focus groups, our staff backs its service with years of experience in the industry.

8. RedJade Powered by Tragon, 350 Bridge Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA 94065 U.S.A.; Telephone: +1.650.412.2038 or +1.650.412.2100; Fax: +1.650.412.2001; Web: www.redjade.net; Email: swillis@redjade.net. As pioneers in sensory, Tragon Corporation spent years evaluating software solutions that could bring our testing processes to the digital age; we couldn’t find any, so we developed our own. The result is RedJade, the only sensory software made with the expertise, insights, and track record of a leading sensory firm.

11. SIMS Sensory Panel Software by Sensory Computer Systems, 144 Summit Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 U.S.A.; Telephone: 1.800.579.7654 or +1.908.665.6464; Web: www.SIMS2000.com; Email: Info@SensorySIMS.com; Twitter: @SensoryTesting. SIMS sensory panel software is adding real value and positive energy to sensory and consumer insight groups worldwide. Benefits include lower cost software, bug-free software, new opportunities, new successes, and real value. Internet testing included free so you can reach more respondents everywhere. SSP Founding Sponsor. Call today.