call for nominations

​Would you like to help build the future of SSP? Are you looking for more ways to be involved within SSP?
If you answered yes, please consider running for an elected position on the SSP Executive Committee! You may also nominate a fellow colleague—please check with the individual on their willingness to serve before nominating them. All nominees must be current SSP members.
All nominations will be treated confidentially and the final slate of candidates will be approved by the SSP Executive Committee. Brief officer descriptions are noted below and additional information is available in the SSP Bylaws and the Manual of Operations.
Thank you!
Kristine Wilke
SSP Nominating Committee Chair

How to Nominate

You may self-nominate, or nominate a colleague. Nominations to include name, contact information, officer position, and willingness to serve. To submit a nomination, click on the button below.

Nomination Deadline is April 27, 2018


Elected offices for 2018–19 include:

  • Develop and coordinate Regional Meetings. 
  • Perform such other duties as the Chair may delegate.
  • Perform the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's absence or resignation.
  • 6-year commitment (2 years as Chair-Elect, 2 years as Chair, and 2 years as Past Chair/Conference Chair)
  • Keep a record of the proceedings of all general and executive officer meetings.
  • Cross reference current agenda with previous minutes for continuity of topics discussed.
  • Administer and record all voting in conjunction with management company.
  • 2-year office term  
  • Serves as Finance Committee Chair. 
  • Manage and report on finances of society.
    Review quarterly and annual financial reports prepared by SSP Management and have regular communications with Officers, Executive Vice President, and other appropriate staff.
  • Approve IRS filing in conjunction with Executive Committee.
  • 2-year office term
Strategic Planning and Nominations (SPAN) Chair
  • Initiate long-term strategy of society with creative solutions and strategic thinking for organization and membership
  • Coordinate nominations and balloting for biennial election of officers
  • 2-year office term
Members-at-Large (three positions available)
  • Serve as committee chair when requested including Professional Development, Communications, and Global Outreach Committee
  • Serve on other committees as requested
  • 2-year office term

General expectations for elected officers

  • Regular participation in monthly Executive Committee conference calls (60-minute call typically during normal U.S. business hours) 
  • Active participation/contribution within the committee and support of committee initiatives
  • SSP Conference attendance
  • Participation in non-conference year face-to-face meeting held at SSP Headquarters in the spring of 2019
  • All elected officers will take office at the 2018 SSP Conference.