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​Create Wiki Page Tutorial

​In this basic tutorial, we will walk through all of the steps necessary to create a new wiki article from scratch. If you just want to edit an existing article, much of this tutorial will not be of interest. Instead, you may want to read the editing a wiki page.

If you are writing a new wiki article and don't know if it's new, try doing a search above or check the title list.

The Following is an example of creating a new wiki article called “Article Example”.

  1. Add a Page
    Click the Gear Icon in the top right corner of the screen and select "Add Page" from the dropdown.
  2. Enter the Name for Your Page
    Try to keep the title as short as possible, no more than 3 words. You may use the text box within the page to type any additional title or other text to communicate its purpose. The name for your page will be the page's URL and appear in the title and category lists. Click "Create" when you have finished. Your new page will be created and placed into "edit" mode.
  3. Add your Text
    Click into the box under your Page Name to enter your text. If you are pasting text from another location, select all the text once pasted (Ctrl + A) and then click the Icon in the editing ribbon containing an A with an eraser.
  4. Add a Category
    Click the icon to the right of the categories box. Select one or more categories from the list and then click "Select" in the bottom left corner. They will appear in the selection box. When you are finished adding categories select "OK." Your wiki article will automatically show up under each category selected once published.
  5. Save Your Article
    Under the "Page" tab in the ribbon, click "Save & Close." After a review, your article will be published.