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Spring 2016 Virtual Regional Meeting​​

​Beyond Foods

What's different about non-foods sensory?

Broadcast Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016

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About the Webinar

Join us for an exploration of the similarities and differences among non-food and food sensory. This presentation considers what’s included in the ‘beyond-food’ world, reviews current (ASTM) methods, compares & contrasts testing approaches, and presents case studies.  A hands-on group exercise (after the webinar), illustrates some of the considerations needed. This is an SSP & ASTM partnership, an ‘encore’ presentation of some of the material presented at the April meeting. This is the first in a series of interactive presentations and discussions relevant to everyone active in the Sensory community.



Mike McGinley, Laboratory Director, St. Croix Sensory
Lee Stapleton, Director of Training and Education, Sensory Spectrum
Bethia Margoshes, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Margoshes-Miller Consulting

The session will last about 90 minutes.


How to Attend

A total of 16 regions will be hosting the discussion. As an SSP membe​r, you are encouraged to participate in the event, which stimulates conversation and networking among local sensory professionals.
If you would like to receive more information regarding this event or the specifics of your location, please contact your regional meeting host to obtain additional details.
​​Location ​Ho​​st
​BeloitTina Gupton
​ChicagoKatie Buss
​California - NorthernDawn Chapman, Ellie King
​California - Southern Suzanne Pecore
​DFWKatie Marston
​FloridaGillian Dagan
​Minnesota Natasha Dsouza, Kimberley Greenwood,
Kate​ Courchane
​Michigan Rachel Buss, Sara​ Whetstone
​New England Sharon Yellin
​North NJ & NY Westchester Erin Riddell​
​Central NJ & Philadelphia area Michael Kuehne
​North Carolina Alicia Jenkins
​Ohio Christa DeMasie
​Pennsylvania Tricia Wilson​
​Toronto Margaret Van De Gevel
​UK Lauren Rogers​
Thank you to all of the regional hosts for their time and dedication in preparing for this event!

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If you are interested in hosting a regional meeting, please contact Alexa Williams for additional details. Hope you are all able to attend this great regional meeting!