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​Spring 2015 Virtual Regional Meeting

Successfully Influencing Decision Making – Perspectives from Sensory Experts

​Broadcast Date: Thursday, May 28th, 2015​

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About the Webinar

Have you had to influence a certain team or individual to make a decision or follow a recommendation? Perhaps you have taken a class on influencing techniques before, but are not sure how they apply to your job. Maybe you are struggling with what “influencing” really means in our industry?  In this 60-minute panel discussion, you will hear the challenges, influenced audience, and different tactics these experts successfully used. The panel will comprise of professionals from academia and industry (both corporate and supplier) to provide unique perspectives on this topic. 

A total of 13 regions hosted the discussion. If you would like to receive more information regarding future regional meetings, please contact your regional meeting host to obtain additional details:
Location ​Host
Boston/New England​Sharon Yellin
​TorontoKaren Phipps
​New Jersey/PhiladelphiaSaumya Dwivedi
Central Pennsylvania/Maryland​Tricia Wilson
Ohio​ ​Justine Looper
​Dallas, TXKatie Marston
​Central/West MichiganRachel Steadman & Sara Whetstone
​MinnesotaKate Courchane & Kimberley Greenwood
​Northern CA ​Lauren Collinsworth
​Charlotte, NCAlicia Jenkins
​ArkansasCarla Crawley
​ChicagoLori Walker
​UKLauren Rogers
Thank you to all of the regional hosts for their time and dedication in preparing for this event!

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If you’re interested in hosting a regional meeting in the future, please contact Alexa Williams for additional details.  Hope you all are able to attend a regional meeting!