Sensory Societies

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The table given below lists the known sensory-orientated societies (organizations). The “type” column indicates whether the society has individual members or member organizations. The “contact” column generally contains a hyperlink to the societies web site.

Country Organization Type     Description     Contact
Global     ASTM International Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation Individuals or organizations Since 1960, ASTM Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation has been promoting knowledge, stimulating research, and developing principles and standards for sensory evaluation. Committee E18 covers more than 30 standards and many volumes to educate and inform industry professionals. Individual and organization stakeholders are invited to join and participate in ASTM Committee E18. E18 web site
Europe     European Sensory Network Organizations Brings together 23 member organisations acting in 16 European countries, and four non-European countries. This international forum was created for discussion and collaboration among the best research institutions involved in sensory and consumer sciences and to ensure methods were practical and accessible to the industry. All ESN members have a high standard of competence in sensory analysis within their respective countries. ESN web site
Italy     Italian Society of Sensory Science Individuals Founded in 2002, the Italian Society of Sensory Science aims to further the development and applications of Sensory Science, with a specific attention to promote research and discussion, to share knowledge and to teaching ISSS web site
North America/Global The Society of Sensory Professionals Individuals Non-profit society formed to advance the field of sensory evaluation, including consumer research, and the role/work of sensory professionals, for the purpose of sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, mentoring and educating its members SSP web site
North Amercia Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division of IFT Individuals Established as a means of communication among sensory professionals, providing a focal point for discussion of problems of common interest and a means for designating areas of needed research and implementing solutions to common problems SCSD web site
United Kingdom IFST Food Sensory Group (PFSG) Individuals Formed in 1998 to promote the use of sensory and consumer science throughout the food community in the UK and Europe IFST web site
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