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One-on-One Interviews

Last modified at 2/2/2021 3:34 PM by Maren Johnson
Sensory analysis includes both quantitative and qualitative testing procedures to best understand consumer perception and acceptance of a product, concept or service. Qualitative methods, such as Focus Groups, are useful in gaining insight about a product, service or concept among a group of consumers. Though shallow, surface probing can take place in this setting, more personal interviewing techniques are necessary for deeper understanding. One-on-one interviews allow the interviewer to probe in a way that is specific to the consumer according to their answers. This may be done in a neutral setting or in the consumer’s home. Interviews may also be attached to a quantitative study, where random consumers are asked to participate following their participation in a quantitative evaluation. One-on-one interviews are also valuable for sensitive topics, where more information may be uncovered in a more personal setting1.

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