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​​​​​Shift Happens - Qualitative Research 2022 | SSP Workshop​

Broadcast Date: June 21, 2022 |11:00 AM Central

Workshop Summary​

Qualitative product research has been traditionally conducted in-person to gain a deeper dive into consumer perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions to physical stimuli. It is often believed that in-person research offers a richer context to uncover insights and moderators have found in-person research to be valuable, practical and effective. In 2020, the pandemic shifted the norm in the sensory and market research world and researchers had to pivot to embrace new ways of conducting qualitative product research. Online platforms and tools were proven to provide deep rich data and learning for many research initiatives. As a result, research teams are embracing technology and online qualitative approaches to explore a broader range of development questions and challenges with consumers. Society of Sensory Professionals has created a webinar to learn from vested and non-vested moderators in understanding how qualitative research is evolving and what best practices are emerging from our collective experience. ​ 

Session covers

  • Enhancing our capabilities with Online Qualitative Research to cover but not limited to
    • ​Benefits, opportunities, platform tools, learning strategies exclusive to online qualitative environment
    • Determining best uses for online vs in-person
    • Managing Client team online

A portion of the proceeds will go to the SSP Foundation which includes both the ​Student and Emerging Professionals Scholarship Fund and the Long Term Success Endowment (LTSE).​

About the Presenters

​​ DarlaHall.jpg

Darla Hall
Research Vibe

Darla Hall, Founding Partner of Research Vibe​, guides cross-functional teams on a journey inside the hearts and minds of consumers, discovering the emotional connection to products and illuminating solutions that empower more intuitive product design. The core of Research Vibe’s business mission is training and transferring skills to client teams on sensory research best practices.
As a Sensory Scientist and Certified Food Scientist, she brings a unique research perspective to CPG client teams, balancing technical challenges with delivering a desired product and sensory experience.
ASTM International Past Chair Committee E-18 for Sensory Evaluation and E-18 Award of Merit recipient.


Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall​ is an Analyst of Qualitative Research at Magid, a consumer-centered business strategy and custom research company. Her work provides insights and strategy for a wide range of clients, with a specialty in media, entertainment, gaming, online social communities, and fandom. She sees qualitative research as a method for finding new ways to help clients communicate in more effective and insightful ways with an increasingly diverse base of consumers, gamers, and fans.
While Magid has a long-standing depth of practice in digital methodologies, Jessica’s specialization in online methodologies helped Magi​d make a quick pivot to 100% online qualitative methods in 2020, training internal teams & advising on project designs.
​Jessica has a BA in English Literature, Anthropology, and Sociology from Colgate University.

Nancy Connor1.jpg

Nancy Connor

​​Nancy Con​nor​ is a Senior Manager for the Sensory & Consumer Product Insights team at PepsiCo focusing on Front-End Innovation. In her role, Nancy values collaboration and delivering actionable insights to guide decision making across the Food and Beverage business units. Prior to her role at PepsiCo, she has influenced consumer technical insight decisions for teams across The NutraSweet Co., Unilever Home and Personal Care, and Food Marketing Support Services. She has over 30 years’ experience in Sensory and Consumer research. She ensures that consumer empathy is top of mind for key business decisions.