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Empowering Careers: A Strategic Thinking Webinar

Broadcast Date: January 24, 2024 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm Central​

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Webinar Summary

As professionals we are constantly challenged to improve our abilities to lead, plan, create and add continuous value. A critical element in achieving success in all of these areas is the ability to think strategically. No matter what stage in your career, your job description or scope of influence- more effective strategic thinking fuels personal and professional success.

In this webinar we will examine and practice approaches to evaluate your current strategic abilities and ways to optimize and improve your results. We’ll use the examples of personal brand and influence to show how strategic thinking plays a role in every sensory professional’s career. Through the use of breakout sessions, you’ll have hands on practice with either developing a personal brand or conducting a stakeholder analysis to improve your influence.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase understanding of how strategic thinking empowers careers
  • Practice using the tools of either personal brand or stakeholder analysis


Katie Marston
R&D Director - Sensory and Consumer Experience

Katie Marston leads a team of Sensory and Consumer Experience scientists at PepsiCo focused on Foods R&D. She has 15 years of experience in CPG industry translating consumer response and sensory perception into successful product designs. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Masters and BS in Food Science. She is also active in the Society of Sensory Professionals, contributing to their Professional Development and Connectors programs.

Jennifer Jo Wiseman
Strategy and Innovation Coach

Jennifer Jo has spent over 30 years joyously listening to the signals of life and using that knowledge to innovate. Her diverse teams have discovered, created, and launched services, products, brands, categories and businesses across all consumer product sectors.

Her career has included diverse leadership roles, diverse companies (E&J Gallo Winery, The Gillette Company, Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, consulting firms, small manufacturing firms), and diverse disciplines (Fundamental sciences, technology development, sensory sciences, product development, market/consumer/shopper insights, quality control, analytical chemistry, microbiology, consumer relations and ad creative/claims).

All of these experiences fuel her passion for empowering collaboration across disciplines and backgrounds to create more holistic business solutions. She brings that passion to her current clients by enabling teams to rapidly see the bigger strategic picture and map their path using combinations of science/data and human empathy.

Natalie Stoer
Sensory Innovation and Product Design Leader

Natalie Stoer is a strategic business leader with more than 30 years of expertise leading global teams, specializing in innovation, product design, and sensory science. Respected for her strategic acumen, she excels in building cross-functional partnerships and driving transformative change. Natalie's leadership style, marked by flexibility, resilience, and optimism, creates an environment that promotes growth and cultivates talent within organizations. Her dedication to continuous improvement has encouraged her teams to embrace innovation, challenge the status quo, and unleash their full potential. Natalie has been active in the Society of Sensory Professionals since its inception and has served as Executive Committee Chair, Conference Chair, Scientific Committee Chair, and Counselor. Natalie's insights into building your personal brand promise to be invaluable for sensory professionals seeking strategic excellence in their careers.

Becki Dewey
Dir Product Insights

Becki Dewey coaches a diverse team of Sensory and Application scientists at Johnsonville supporting the Retail, Food Service, and International businesses. Her 30+ years of experience includes Insight roles at Coca-Cola, General Mills and Johnsonville. Becki’s passion is diving deep into the consumer experience to leverage the Voice of the Consumer and design differentiated products. Her thought leadership in creating product metrics has proven insightful across the organization. Becki also enjoys coaching her members to their full potential by empowering them to be part of the solution. She is a University of Wisconsin graduate with a MS in Food Chemistry and a member of SSP, IFT and an avid conference attendee.