The SSP Virtual Regional Meeting program brings together, by region, sensory professionals for networking and real-time presentations in one central location. If you are interested in how to get involved in SSP Regional Meetings, please contact SSP. To participate in a Regional Meeting contact one of the Regional Coordinators below.


Regional Meeting Hosts

​​Location ​Ho​​st
​California (Northern) Dawn ChapmanChristie Hoyer
​California (Southern) Mary McCulloch
California (LA County) Minghua Cheng
​Illinois (Chicago) Katie Buss, Echo Li
Florida​ Gillian Dagan
​Minnesota Kimberley Greenwood, Kate​ Courchane
​Michigan Alisa Doan​
​New England Amy Noga
​Northern NJ & NY (Westchester) Erin Riddell​​
​Central NJ & Philadelphia area Rachel Toner​​
​Ohio Christa DeMasie
Pacific Northwest Aimee Hasenbeck, Ann Colonna
​Pennsylvania Tricia Wilson​, Lydia Lawless
​Tennessee (East) Curtis Luckett
Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth)​ Katie Marston
​Texas (Plano) ​Chrisly Philip
Wisconsin Elise Hubbard
Canada (Toronto) Margaret Van De Gevel
​Australia Jeanine De Diana
​​United Kingdom Lauren Rogers​