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On-Demand Workshops​ and Learn-shop​


This page contains recordings of all of our Workshop ​Sessions and our COVID-19 Learn-shop. 

We recommend using a Chrome, Safari or Edge browser to optimize your viewing experience. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  • Tracking COVID-19: How Sensory Scientists are Adjusting Research to Align with Changing Consumer Behaviors
  • Unleashing the Power of Descriptive Analysis
  • SSP/ASTM Workshop: Sensory Visionaries — 25 years of the David R. Peryam Award
  • A Sensory and Consumer Researcher’s Guide to Evaluating the Digital/AI Start-up Space
  • Measuring Inclusivity of our Packages
  • Perspective Shift: Sensory Research and the User Experience (UX)
  • SSP/Sensometrics Workshop: Artificial Intelligence in Sensory Practice—Separating Promise from Hype

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