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On-Demand Professional Development Sessions​


This page contains recordings of all of our Professional Development ​Sessions.

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Student Panel Discussion: Diversity in Career Choice

Asmita Singh, Hannah Lynne Laird, Alisa Doan, Kelly Van Hare​n, Rhonda Kay Miller, Alex Maxwell​

Beginning your career and choosing the correct job can be confusing. This program is a great opportunity for students to gain insights from professionals, where they will discuss different career paths in sensory science. Later, students will be placed in break-out sessions, for some face-to-face conversation with experts.

Professional Development Keynote: Owning Competence, Growing Confidence

Gail Vance Civille, President, Sensory Spectrum, Inc., New Providence, NJ

This keynote session ex the relationship between knowing our strengths and projecting them with confidence, and how affirming ourselves as learners not only increases competence but also serves as the necessary counterbalance for manifesting expertise confidently. This exploration is grounded in the reality of navigating biases and bringing about personal and professional change.

Professional​ Development Panel: Making the Next Leap — Sensory Scientist to Sensory Leader

Ms. Adrianne Johnson, Mane, Inc., Lebanon, OH, Mr. Michael Gasho, PepsiCo, Plano, TX and Jill Hinrichs, Training & Coaching, Chicago, IL

"Steer your Career" is a common catch phrase and something we all want to do. Yet what are the options? How to choose the right path? Technical? Managerial? How do I know what is right for me? If you have asked these questions or are guiding others who are wresting with these questions, then this panel is for you. If you found your path, please join the conversation as well to help others benefit from your journey. Panelists include Adrianne Johnson (Mane), Michael Gasho (PepsiCo), Jill Hinrichs (Training &​ Coaching). Questions encouraged!

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