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If your email address is current and you’ve checked your spam, junk, clutter, and/or quarantine folders, there is the possibility that the email may have been blocked by your company’s spam filter. Try adding and to your list of trusted senders/whitelist. To ensure that SSP communications are not filtered out on the company side, try talking to your system administrator about whether the SSP domain ( is being blocked, and how that can be changed.​

Meet your 2020-2022 SSP Executive Committee

The following members will take office during the officer installation at the 2020 SSP Conference.


Kristine Wilke
Garza Consulting


Clare Dus
Sensory Spectrum Inc.


Brittany Ehrenkrook
General Mills


Gillian Dagan
Merieux NutriSciences

Past Chair

Lydia Lawless
Nestlé USA

Strategic Planning and Nominations Chair

Jennifer Grady
Peryam & Kroll Research​


Tim Croak
Peryam & Kroll Research


Stella Salisu Hickman
Brisan Group


Ratapol Teratanavat
Takasago International Corp.

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