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​​Donya Stubbs​

​Candidate for Professional Development Member-at-Large

Donya Stubbs

Matrix Sciences

Donya Stubbs is a food scientist and certified market researcher and brings both the science and the art to solve research and business problems for her clients. Donya has over 25 years of experience in R&D, quality control, sensory evaluation, continuous quality improvement systems, business management, and consumer research, in North America and beyond. While working full time as a valued partner to her clients, Donya also participates on non-profit boards and industry working committees. Originally part of one of the founding SSP organizations, Donya is passionate about the world of sensory science and its place within business and the product life cycle.

My vision for Professional Development within SSP is that each sensory professional will understand their place within their business and how to best communicate cross-functionally. This is an area I am frequently asked about as a scientist and a market researcher. No scientist should feel misunderstood or not understood, nor should a scientist feel as if they are on the fringes of business discussions because they don’t understand or misunderstand. Part of the mission of the Society of Sensory Professionals is to mentor and educate its members, and this falls within my drive for professional development – giving back in mentoring and giving and receiving in education. I still
want to learn, so let’s learn together.