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​​​Stephanie Lawrence​

​Candidate for Treasurer​

Stephanie Lawrence


Discovering the sensory and consumer sciences field in her thirties, Stephanie joined North Carolina State University to pursue her graduate degree in Food Science, where she studied under esteemed sensory sciences professor Dr. Mary Anne Drake. After graduating, she joined Beam Suntory where she worked for seven years, building out the company’s descriptive panel and sensory quality program for manufacturing plants before being promoted to sensory manager. Since then Stephanie has moved on to work at Walmart as a senior manager of sensory and consumer sciences, focusing on Walmart’s private brands from food and beverage to consumables and softlines. ​While volunteering at Pangborn conferences and for IFT's Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division for the past several years, it has been Stephanie's passion to give back to the sensory and consumer sciences community, inspiring and guiding young professionals.

Stephanie’s dream is to help drive SSP’s awareness and engagement by helping to connect sensory professionals and provide relevant and insightful content to its members.​