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​Victoria Coutiño​

Candidate for ​​Global Outreach Member-at-Large

Victoria Coutiñ​o​


Victoria Coutiñ​​o​ is a Consumer & Sensory Insights executive with experience in Global Food & Beverages with a portfolio of + 22 global/local brands that generated more than sixty-five billion dollars, as well as experience in alcoholic beverage industry. 

Victoria's strength in leading sensory & consumer product insights to enable the successful development and commercialization of products by leveraging business strategies, insights, and analytics translated into pragmatic solutions to drive the business. Strength in developing advanced capabilities to uncover and understand unmet consumer needs, resulting in critical insights for R&D to leverage. ​Her additional strengths include: Strategist, Resilient especially with complex or ambiguous goals. Inspirational Leader who demonstrates passion, positive energy, and commitment across multi-functional and multi-cultural teams. Forward Thinker who connects data, events & trends to anticipate business opportunities, and bring them forward. Trust & Integrity, prioritize the interest of the team, function, or business unit ahead and a long life learner.

Victoria is Mexican, and currently resides in Mexico City, and enjoys life as “gourmand,” wine lover, traveler, swimmer, dancer, and amateur photographer. Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of UNAM and holding a master’s degree from Iberoamericana University UIA in Food Science.  

During my vision as chair of Global Outreach Member-at-Large, I will create a word class “always on connections and engagement” among sensory professionals outside of North America. My mission is to oversee a road map to overcome challenges on connections and resources that Sensory Professionals are facing in different regions, shape future opportunities based on similarities or differences, and supply continuity to earlier job in forums that bring these unique professionals together.