Virtual Regional Meetings​

The SSP Virtual Regional Meeting program brings together, by region, sensory professionals for networking and real-time presentations in one central location. If you are interested in how to get involved in SSP Regional Meetings, please contact SSP. Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming Regional Meetings!

Upcoming Virtual Regional Meetings

Spring 2017 Meeting
Tuesday, April 25
1:30 p.m. US Eastern Time

Archived Presentations

Beyond Food - What's different about non-food sensory?​
Spring 2016 Meeting
(Video, member access only)

Let's Connect Live Over Research - Technical Paper Presentation
Fall 2015 Meeting
(Video, member access only)

Successfully Influencing Decision Making – Perspectives from Sensory Experts
Spring 2015 Meeting
(Video, member access only) 

Shorter scales and tighter focus for better consumer rating data
Paul Holtzman, P&K Research
(Video, member access only)

Digital real time data collection: Being a savvy user
Lee Stapleton, Sensory Spectrum
(Video, member access only)

When JAR scales and penalty analysis tell different stories
Harry Lawless
(PDF, member access only)

Emotion measurement for products: The current state of the art
Herb Meiselman
(PDF, member access only)